The Quick Home Workout Warm-Up for busy over 40s

home workout how to guide Apr 16, 2020

I put together the 4 zone approach to planning a workout to ensure that no elements of fitness are overlooked.

Even when time is not on your side, I recommend that you always complete at least a couple minutes of warm-up activity. The first area I address with every new client is to determind whether their body has enough mobility and stability to at least control their own body weight before placing excess loads on them.

As you get more experienced the warm-up turns into your own safety check before stressing your body with your workout.

I have today given you a guide to how to warm up in under 5 minutes. It's a high tempo, fast moving routine you will ensure you achieve:

  • Ankle stiffness ready for jumping or high impact movement
  • Knee stability to deal with the stresses of strength training
  • Activate your glutes, ready to power total body movements
  • Hip mobility to take the workload off your lower back
  • Wake up your core muscles to safely support your spine
  • Gain maximum range in your upper back to facilitate key functional rotational moves
  • Raise your heart rate ready to delve straight into your first working set
  • Switch on your central nervous system ready for the ultimate function your body needs to react safely and efficiently

It's a workout in itself!

Train Smart!

Coach Ben


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