Stretches for Lower Back Pain

recovery rest Apr 23, 2020

Do you often suffer with lower back discomfort when you complete longer tasks such as gardening, driving for long distances or even sat in your soft sofa while watching TV?

The key to eliminating your pain is to ensure the hips and your upper back have regained their mobility. If these two joints loose their full movement then the pressure goes to your lumber spine as they are doing more work than they should. Other muscles such as the top of your hip or glutes (backside) are also tight as you have been spending prolonged time in positions that don't favour the natural postures can endure, think sitting and being bent over for any length of time. These in turn can alter our optimal posture, again resulting in the muscles of our lower back having to work over time in doing its job - stabilising your spine, causing pain!

Today I guide you through 5 stretches/ movements that don't directly stretch out your lower back but rather get to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. Many life lessons can be learnt from this approach.

If you know of anyone who suffers from back issues, forward this as they might just be able to gain some relief from this guided routine.

All the best

Coach Ben


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