Sliders - Perfect for Home Workouts

Buying home gym equipment such as dumbbells and slam balls is tough as all the online outlets are still sold out. But today I have the solution if you are looking to vary your home workouts

I first started using furniture sliders with clients over 15 years ago as they provided a fun solution to help flatten the stomach while training at home. They also have many other benefits as they can be utilised to help strengthen the backs of our legs and glutes, along with providing a low impact variation to movements such as lunges and mountain climbers. Meaning they can be used in all 4 zones of the DrMe method to planning your workouts.

I strayed away from using them recently as I switched the flooring in my gym to a complete rubber surface, but they are ideal if you workout at home on carpet, smooth tiled flooring, astro-turf or even laminate flooring. I am currently getting reacquainted to this method of training. As I write this, I can still feel my stomach from yesterdays workout!

I personally use these and in the video below you can see them in action.


Coach Ben



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