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home workout Mar 24, 2020

The ability to move your body explosively is key for your strength development and essential for freedom in later life.

The moment you loose the ability to perform, what seems for now, a relatively simple everyday task, such as getting out the bath tub or standing up from your chair, then you are now reliant upon others to enrich your quality of life.

It is key for your body to be able to accelerate to have a chance to overcome inertia , ie, lift yourself out of the tub.

While strength training is rightly becoming mainstream for the general population, the need for power is greatly over looked. Made more important because power is one of the fastest elements of fitness that deteriorates as we age. So it is imperative you include some sort of power training in your weekly home workout plan.

Throwing, jumping and lifting weights explosively are just some of your options, although seek the guidance of a proffessional when starting to implement power training as the risks can be high injury wise.

Here is a sample of what a power section (zone 2 of the DrMe method) that covers a wide range of explosive movements that will develop explosive movements for you.



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to find out how to implement power into your workout.


Movement is Medicine!


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