No more running for over 40's

I've  titled this "no more running" to entice you to either say to yourself, "oh no what is he saying, he doesn't know what he's talking about" or "yes, I knew all along I wasn't built for running".

If you love your running, then great. You are getting outside (hopefully in nature to add extra benefits), you can allow your mind to drift away (to de-stress), you are practicing one of the fundamental movement patterns we need and you are improving your aerobic fitness. But you can still get all these progressions and much more in the same time.

If you feel you are not built for running you are also right in your thinking. Your body may not be prepared to pound the pavement for step after step (strength, stability, balance, flexibility etc) but you still need a solution to improving your aerobic fitness to strengthen your heart and improve your fitness.

Straight from the world of elite sprinting, I bring you the aerobic circuit. This workout keeps your heart rate raised for over 20 minutes, getting all the benefits of a run, but with so much more!



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