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home workout Apr 02, 2020

As we age we lose the ability to generate power with our body. You have got to incorporate this fitness essential into your home workout routine if you are to improve your movement for later life. Grab yourself a medicine ball or even a football for this workout.



The key points to remember if you are to improve your explosiveness.

  • When you are safe & confident with the exercise, execute it with lots of force.
  • Properly set up each repetition (body posture, breathing and intent). Take your time.
  • For pure power, which is what we are after in zone 2, keep the number or lifts/ throws/ jumps etc for each exercise below 6.
  • Get a good recovery between sets.
  • Quality over quantity everytime.

Always remember the reason why we are training each zone. We are not looking increase our stamina here, but power, so allow for adequate recovery! You can't improve your force output when you are in a fatigued state. I know I mentioned it above but it is that important.

As you can see in the video, I've included two variations of throws plus what I call rolling or rhythmic jumps. These rolling jumps condition you to be able to absorb the stresses placed upon the body when we perform activities such as running and jumping. So these have been added as a rehersal for future workouts you might have.

Enjoy the power!

Coach Ben


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