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Ashley May

Ashley May initially comes from a background of teaching beauty and holistic therapy, however since 2014 her passion is helping others to rediscover their beauty from the inside.

She has an extensive range of 'tools' in her arsenal that enable her clients to make rapid, positive lifestyle changes by making shifts in their perceptions. Everything is just a perception, so why not have an empowering one?

Ashley thrives on passing on her knowledge and teaching these techniques to others. These skills equip others to deal with future life challenges in a more productive and happier way.

By helping individuals, the positive changes then have a knock on effect on everyone around them, consequently helping humanity as a whole.

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Coach Ben

Coach Ben is a certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS), personal trainer and golf conditioning specialist who has been guiding people to their health & fitness goals for over 25 years.  

He is also a NLP and Mindscaping practitioner, emotional intelligence coach, hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist.  Ben has coached CEO's and executives of global companies, international athletes and currently heads up the S&C department at a national league rugby team while running DrMe with Ashley, his wife, along with helping out with his daughters football team.  

Ben's own sporting background includes professional football, national league American football and internationally with GB Bobsleigh. 


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