Self-Waxing at Home

During a Lockdown


Stuck at home on a lockdown and want to be hair free?

Want to maintain social distancing, and preserve dignity, privacy and independence?

Looking to save money by doing your own waxing?

Or interested in self-care and self-empowerment?


What's included on this online course

You'll have access to 17 videos - a total 83 minutes, of instructional step by step guidance, such as:

  • How to do your own leg waxing
  • How to wax your knee area
  • Waxing you upper leg
  • Wax your own under arms
  • How to wax your own bikini line

You'll also find out:

  • Why waxing is the best hair removal method for you
  • The best type of equipment for home waxing, and where to buy it
  • Safety precautions you need to know before attempting it yourself
  • How to determine the optimal temperature of the wax
  • The importance of correct application and removal of wax strips
  • The hair growth cycle - and why you'll never pick up a razor again!
  • How to avoid ingrown hairs
  • How to avoid potential problems - in the trouble shooting section

Why You Can Trust Me to Teach You


You Can Do This!

Empower yourself by learning how to do your own waxing.

You'll wonder why you didn't learn sooner!