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I had for a number of years suffered low self-confidence with work, social life and relationships. I enquired via the DRME website and Ashley contacted me within a few hours to arrange an initial meeting....


I consulted DrMe about weight gain, which was beginning to cause concerns for my health, but with Ashley's help I came to realise that this was the manifestation of a problem that lay much deeper.....


I sent a desperate plea - ā€œIā€™m 59, fat & unfit - can you help me?ā€ From that initial meeting, Ben filled me with confidence that I could actually turn my life around.....

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Tailored Programs

Our online health and fitness coaching is not one-size-fits-all. We understand that everyone's journey is unique. Your personalised program is crafted with your specific needs, preferences, and goals in mind.

Experienced Coaches

With a combined 30+ years in coaching we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your transformation. Benefit from the expertise of professionals who specialise in the unique challenges and opportunities that come with age.

Holistic Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to health. It's not just about workouts; it's about nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. We'll work with you to create sustainable habits that lead to long-lasting results.

How to regain your health after 40, the DrMe way

We can guide you in implementing our 4 key pillars of health


It’s so much more than “calories in, calories out”. We are all unique with different histories that influence our relationships with food


Managing the stresses in your life is paramount if you are to maximise your future, you must learn how to balance energy out with energy in


Eliminating self doubt & building confidence so you know that you have what it takes to regain your health is the most important element you need


Movement is medicine! Working on all the elements of your fitness is essential for your longevity, mobility, power, strength and endurance

This could be you

Let us guide you to transforming your life!


Ashley will help you to improve your personality and ultimately be a better person in work, social situations and relationships. You will leave with positivity beaming from the inside. Thank you Ashley


 Ashley has been my saviour. In the past two months, to my amazement, I’ve started to enjoy going to the gym after 25 years of making New Years’ Resolutions to get fit and failing ever to get started!  Not only have my fitness and stamina improved but I’ve lost 15 kg already and feel so much better in every way. I love the new Me and my wonderful sense of wellbeing, it’s all down to Ashley and I’ll never be able to thank her enough.”


With Ben's help, I've lost over 35lbs with my whole body shape transformed. I am fitter than I was 30 years ago! Ben has helped me to totally change my life for the better, as such I’m happier, more confident and healthier than ever!

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